All pups come with current shots and wormed every 2 weeks and microchipped and 1 year health warranty 

We ask u take pup to vet within 3 to 5 days for wellness ck for warranty to be honored.

Health Guarantee
This puppy, to the best of my knowledge, is completely healthy. Buyer agrees to have puppy examined by their veterinarian within 3 business days of receiving the puppy and to have the Veterinary Examinations Report completed by the veterinarian. And to mail the report  To Sara Stanfield 847 170th st Odgen ia 50212 within one week of exam to keep this warranty valid.  Your puppy has been vet checked before it left our home.  Your puppy has been given our standard vaccinations.  He/she has been treated to prevent coccidiosis, giardia, and acquired worms.  Our guarantee does not cover symptoms or treatment of these conditions after it has left our premises as they can be easily retreated should these conditions occur.

In the event that this animal is diagnosed with a congenital/genetic defect during one year from the date of birth, compensation will be made to the buyer.  Seller will reimburse buyer one-half the purchase price of puppy or offer to replace puppy when one is available.  All guarantees are limited to just that.  A written and detailed report from the attending veterinarian must be provided that proves conclusively a pre-existing problem is present in the animal and is not of environmental nature.  This guarantee is void in the event of undeterminable or inconclusive diagnosis.  Adequate documentation from the attending veterinarian must be received by the seller within eight days from the diagnosis before compensation will be made.  All veterinarian fees will be paid by the buyer.  This guarantee does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, improper food or care, chemicals, or physical injury.  

This animal is not being sold with the express ability to sire, whelp puppies, or win shows.  Seller does not guarantee the ability to housebreak this puppy.  Please do not purchase a puppy if you cannot give it the proper time needed to housetrain it.  Remember, this puppy is a baby and as such should be given love, care, rest and attention.  Puppy-proof your house to prevent chewing accidents.  Provide toys for chewing.  Provide vet care, paying attention to vaccinations, deworming and dental care.  No warranty is given concerning the level of shedding this pup may exhibit.  No warranty given in regards to the temperament of this puppy.  We cannot guarantee the size of your dog when it is fully grown.

We do not require a spay/neuter contract, as we feel it is a decision best left to the owner. However, we require proof of spay or neuter in order for the health guarantee to be valid.

Seller will consider compensation only if the conditions detailed in the above health guarantee are met.  If the puppy has not visited the veterinarian as agreed within the 3 business days time frame and the seller has not been mailed the report, this warranty will be VOID.

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