Are you searching for the perfect Goldendoodle puppy. Welcome to Paris Puppies Paradise, where our Goldendoodles puppies enjoy interacting with our family though out the day.

As experienced, ethical Goldendoodle breeder we have helped match many families to their wonderful Goldendoodle puppy.

What are you looking for in a puppy.

A walking buddy, a cheer giver, a friend of children? In quest of for healthy, loving Goldendoodle, we can help match you with the ideal puppy. Let us know what characteristics you are looking for in Goldendoodle puppy so we can point you to the puppies or litter that best matches those traits.

We opened in 2006 and have all parents on site. They live in a 60 by 40 dog kennel on 7 acres which heated and cooled and get to run and play daily, Are dogs get a lot of love and attention. we have matched are parents up so they produce the best babies with great personalities and dispersions Paris pups are hands on from 2 days old and family raised and social and work with daily by doing this gives them the best start in life to produce a great dog, We want are pups to have lots of love and forever homes, if you are having a issue with obedience or training or something please call us I will help you we will try to fix the issue over phone and give you tips or come to your house and show you and to work with you and the pup. Are goal is that you are happy and come get another fur baby from us and that are pups have a forever home with lots of love and have a amazing life and family.

We welcome family’s to come visit our Goldendoodle puppies and their parents are available for visits here at our home in Ogden Iowa. Unlike the commercial puppy marketing websites who have never raised a puppy or laid eyes the dogs they are advertising we aren’t reselling puppies from ANY other breeders. Each of out puppies was born here grew from babyhood here and will go directly home into a forever family. feel free to call or email us. you’ll be reaching a family who wants to make the puppy picking process memorable for your family.


We other three sizes. Size is not guaranteed. We only estimate.

  1. Standards 60 lbs and up.
  2. Miniatures 35 lbs to 50 lbs
  3. Micro Mini 35 lbs and under

Located in Ogden, Iowa